Entry #1

Me, myself and I.

2014-04-17 10:31:07 by Mirth

So, yeah... I figured it may be time I possibly introduce myself, kind of?

There's not much to say, sadly. I'm now nineteen, with a thing for music and a love affair with arts in general, not particularly dedicated - mostly because I don't have time and, especially, I don't have money. Paradoxically, I study science and maths and physics at school. My school is called 'Liceo', which is the Italian equivalent of High School, I guess. We just get out a year later.

I'd like to orientate my life towards animation, or anything along those lines, but I'm starting to think that won't happen at all. I have projects and the will to follow them (they say dreams start to become true when they become projects, right? WRONG! There's nothing less true in the whole universe except the Earth being flat) but, as I said before, money is lacking and in my country we don't really have a school that prepares for these kind of things, so... yeah. Journalism, that is. Or shop assistant, for that matter.

Anyway, while I cry over split milk, I like to browse this place. I've found out about it only a few weeks ago, but I already love it. Like, LOVE it. I hope I'll be able to contribute a little bit, too, in the near future.

Have a nice life!



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2014-04-17 11:31:12

I hope you make some nice animations if you click on the blue games button theres fully under the button team up!
There you can maybe find people who want to help you!
(if you want me to contribute with you im a writer and musician i work for free!)


2017-02-01 03:11:24

I said this before but what are you after for animation have you guys completed any audio how far along are you in your project?